Help connection times out i am in the dominican republic

i am experiencing difficulties setting up my new wyze cam
this is the first one i buy
i have a good internet connection but i don t know how to determine if it is required 2.4 GHz
would somone be able to tell me how i can find out if i have the correct connection?
i ve tried to connect with the house wifi and i ve tried to connect with a personal hotspot from my phone
everytime the connection times out and i really don t know what else to do
your assistance in advance is muchly appreciated

Android or iOs?
Here’s the setup guide:

if android your phone should be able to tell if it’s 2.4 or 5, or grab an app like

It is really rare to find a router that doesn’t include the 2.4GHz band. So, if it’s an old or 1-band router, then it’s probably 2.4GHz. If it’s a new 2-band router, then it probably includes 2.4GHz.

Make sure your router is using WPA or WPA2 encryption, not WEP.

hi there thanks for the reply
i have confirmed it is 2.4
it looks like the router is using a WLAN connection,
i am on the claro network in punta cana
i have an ipad and an iphone
and a high speed home connectionin addiition to electricity 24/7 too
do you have any othersuggestions as to why i m timing out?
my thanks again

It sounds to me like your ISP and/or country is blocking the traffic necessary to use the Wyze cams. I would contact your ISP first to see if they can assist you. :slight_smile:

thanks for the suggestion :sunglasses:

Also, have you tried a VPN app on your phone using US based VPN servers?

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hi there as ridiculous as this sounds i found another troubleshooting link that suggested i add a space at the end of the password, and so i did and now it works…
my thanks for all assistance