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Hello everyone excited to buy 5 / v3 cameras and outdoor door camera ,The new thermostat and the door video camera . But I’m not sure if all going to work with Google home I’m having Second thoughts. I don’t have any Amazon Alexa products. What do you guys think before I spend all that money. Ha ha :joy::joy: Wife is going to kill me if it doesn’t work . Please help.

I would suggest getting an Alexa device if using a voice assistant is critical for you. Functionality with alexa is much better than the functionality with google.

So you would say that it doesn’t work with Google?

I currently only have V2s, the battery outdoor cameras, wyze sense and the lock. I also have a firestick 4k an echo dot, a google home hub and some home minis.

What are your expectations on how those devices will work with google?

Generally speaking Alexa routines are noticibly superior to google routines.

Streaming V2s and the outdoor cams to the firestick device is more stable and smooth than streaming to the google hub (which is currently quite slow to load)


Thanks for letting me know. I think I’m going to have to buy a Amazon Show Alexa products :grin: At list everything is on sale right! thnx friend

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Hi @gynnam13 Pls check the Solution button for @kjay’s reply. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks I will do that :grin: