Heat from the sun

Will the sun hitting the camera cause issues for the camera?
I just got my first camera on Monday of this week, I set up in a window in the front of my house. Outstanding how well the camera’s video and picture are.

I had one in a south facing window all last summer and it’s been fine.


Operation Temperature

32℉ – 104℉ / 0°C – 40 °C


Above is the official posting on the site for the suitable temperatures.

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Thank you for the information

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While those are the spec’d temp limits, there are tons of reports here of the cameras working far well beyond those limits, both high and low.

That said, if you are exceeding the limits, then you are not covered under warranty. A sunny window could easily exceed 104°F.

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You could leave it in the freezer for a few weeks. :smirk:

Disclosure: Do not do it! Lol

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I had one in my attic last summer. I posted several temperature curves from the temperature probe up there. I had weeks of measured high temps over 135 and the highest I measured was 149 degrees. The camera or power supply did fail at that temp, but as soon as it cooled down a couple degrees, it came back up. The camera and power supply have been working perfectly since.

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Thank you for that information that helps me feel that cameras in widows will be ok. Since none are in full sun all day a few hours for each one

For anyone still reading this topic, I had one in my car as an experiment during the hot Texas summer sun for several weeks and looks like it finally failed yesterday. Solid yellow light. I’m estimating that temperatures were probably around 130 degrees in the vehicle but camera was in the shade, never in direct sunlight,