Temperature specs

I have some outdoor cameras (not Wyze) at a home in a hot area. I have some trouble with the heat specs, which for the brand of cameras I have are apparently true to life. It might get to 120F there and I lose video even though they are all installed to be shaded from the sun as much as possible. But the OAT does reach 110-120 in the summer. The cameras I have become flaky on hot days and come back overnight, just like clockwork.

I was thinking of changing them out for the Wyze cams, which are much better software and resolution and just much newer.

But the heat specs only go to 104F. Clearly not enough for outdoor usage in that area. And I do realize they are intended for indoor use.

Has anyone tested these and how do they perform in hot areas?

The official specs only go from 32°F to 104°F, but some users have far exceeded those temperatures:

I believe one user had a camera operating over 130°F, but YMMV and any damage to the camera may not be covered under warranty.

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Yeah, well, warranty coverage of a $25 camera is not my primary concern. I am more concerned with performance, and if they don’t perform when I have clearly exceeded the specs, well, that’s my problem. I just wondered if they had been tried. It seems maybe they have and he did have them still working.
The cameras I have, they were really engineered. They stopped working on cue. But I cannot change the temperature in the Arizona desert.

Yeah, from what I’ve read and seen myself I think there’s a good chance it would work for you. The best way to find out is to get a Wyze Cam and test it :smiley:.

Last summer, I had one of my V2 cameras in my attic. I also have a temperature monitor in the attic. We had one of the hottest summers on record last year with the high at my house of 117 outside. That day, the measured temperature peaked at 151 degrees in the attic. For weeks the temperature was getting into the 135-145 range without any problems. Note that because it is dark, the IR illuminators were on 24x7. The camera stopped working at 150 degrees, but five minutes after pulling it out of the heat, it was working fine again.


Amazing data collection, thanks! :+1: (YMMV)