my wyze cam is getting hot, is it something i should be concern about, thanks

Is the camera suppose to get hot, and if not, how do I fix the problem. thanks Arshi

The camera can have a pretty warm operating temperature - (32℉ – 104℉ / 0°C – 40 °C) but if it is actually burning to the touch then something would be wrong. Do you think it is hotter than 104 F?

V1 cameras can use 2.5 watts of power when the IR LEDs are on, recording to SD and streaming over wifi, reported here:

I would expect v2 to be the same or possibly a bit more, but I haven’t seen anyone’s test results that I remember.

Most of that power gets converted to heat (the rest as radio frequency radiation). The heat has to go somewhere or the temperature will rise above the design specs.

Covering the holes or enclosing it in a box will make it harder to dissipate the heat, and it will get hot, which is not good.

Another factor is the surrounding temperature, whether sunlight is hitting it, etc.

If there is unobstructed airflow and it is in 70 degree temperature it should not get hot.

I think you meant have a wide temperature range. Its not burning hot but warm. other electronics don’t get warm, even our smart phones are cool to the touch. Our laptop get hot and the fans came up to cool it. Mine is warm all the time. I unplugged and plugged it back and once the camera is back up it is warm again. We are still in the winter so no its not summer yet. My home temperature is 70 degree F. The camera have plenty of air flow. So is it normal for it to be warm when the camera is in use? I don’t think if it stays warm it will last for a long time. I bought the camera in February of this year. thanks

mine is not cover in a box or anything, nor I have a need to cover the holes, its just sitting on a ledge of the window all by itself. In winter my temperature is set at 67 degree and right now in April its 70 degree. No sunlight hits there. I have my IR lights turn of and my night light also stays off. I have the camera looking outside the window. So nothing covering the window or the camera. Its always stays warm. Our phones are also always on wifi, So is it normal for it to stay warm, its not burning hot, just warm all the time. thanks

I just used an IR thermometer to check my v2. Ambient temp 66, case temp 107 F. So yes, they are usually above body temperature when in an indoor environment. If you have LED light bulbs that use 8 to 9 watts of power (60W replacement), they get much hotter than the camera. I can’t speak for Wyze but i wouldn’t be too worried until they got to above 120F at the case. Most processors have internal temp measurement capability, and can be throttled (clock speed reduced) to generate less heat, but for example, the Raspberry Pi throttles when the processor chip gets to around 180F (82C), but most people like to keep it below that, usually 60C (140F). I don’t know if the firmware throttles the camera’s SOC (system on a chip or processor). Note that the case temp will never be as hot as the processor itself, so if the case was 140F that is too hot.

Both my cameras are hot to the touch and I noticed that because the sides of both cameras are a little yellow and I picked them up to see why. Both cameras are not covered and not sitting in sun.

Can you let us know the ambient temperature your cameras are operating in? Here is another thread with some great temperature data collection.