Anyone having trouble with the Wyze Cam Outdoor v1 Base Station being hot?

My base unit inside that is connected to the wifi router is hot to the touch. I have already had two new units sent to me and they are the same. When I use my toucheless thermometer to it I get a reading of 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Is anyone else having this issue. I don’t feel safe with this base being that hot on top of my counter. I sent the one back, and now I’m going to send the other back. I can’t use my camera until this is fixed. Please let me know if you are having this problem.

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Welcome to the community @SEMM

Question, are you talking about the Outdoor Battery Camera and its base? or the Pan v2 as the header indicates? There is no Base Unit for the Pan Cams, which is why I am asking.

In any event, my Cameras run around or less than the 100 degree marker, I have no issues at all with any of them. I will check my base station for the outdoor camera - which is on a wooden desk.

There was not a heading for what my problem is so I just clicked on something. I have an outdoor camera that is fine but the unit that is plugged into the wifi inside the house is very hot. If you have an idea of what I should put this under please let me know and I’ll change it.

I’ve been using the same base with 4 WCO since October 2020 and the base is just slightly warm to the touch. The base is sitting on top of a book case propped up a little with an old pencil so air can flow through the vents on the bottom. The only issue I have had with the base, (Besides firmware issues) is I usually have to power cycle every 3-4 months when the cams will not connect.

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Yea, mine is on the top of a roll top desk, been fine sitting there. However, I am connected via Ethernet with it.

Mine is connected via ethernet also. The cams will just not show live view, doing the 3 of 3 dance about every 3-4 months. I just turn off the smart plug for the base, turn it back on in 1 minute and all is well for another 3-4 month period, weird.

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Thankfully, I am not experiencing this anymore. Used to in the past, but mine clearedup.

Mine is connected via ethernet but the unit is still plugged into an outlet. I’ve had this base since I bought the camera in September 2020 and it just started having this problem of being very hot. I wish I could get this fixed because right now I have it unplugged, so no camera.

Ummm, that doesn’t sound all that hot?

So is your base unit also running hot?

Sorry I don’t have that model.

Haven’t measured, but mine runs pretty warm on Ethernet. Mines in a network cabinet with poor airflow, but no performance issues.