Wyze cam in attic

I have a solar attic exhaust fan and am thinking of installing a Wyze cam in my attic to monitor it.
The temperature can reach 120 degrees in the attic. Has anyone used a Wyze cam for an application
like this? Any problem with a temperature that high?

Their rated at 104°F. 120°F will eventually be a problem.


I have a couple outside in dummy CCTV cam enclosures sealed up water tight. It’s been in the 100’F area here the past couple of weeks I image even hotter inside my frankencameras. I have not had a single problem. If I was gonna try 120’f I’d strip the camera naked of its case and put a computer fan on it.

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I, too, couldn’t resist placing an attic cam in my parents’ home… LOL

Last month, I mounted a cam pan upside-down at the apex of an A-frame just behind the hatchway so that I could monitor same. Installed a tiny surge protector with USB outputs on it to power the cam and routed an aftermarket 10’ USB cable with command hooks. Haven’t taken an actual temp reading but its pretty hot up there. So far, so good. No aberrant behavior that I’d attribute to excessive heat.

Will keep an eye on it and post any findings and possibly get a temperature reading next time I’m visiting.

Thanks much! Great story as well!

I put the Wyze Cam up a couple of weeks ago. It’s working very well. Letting me view when
my solar attic fan is working! So far, so good.

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Haha nice! Here are a few pics of mine…

Thanks for the pics! And your help!