First responder to an attic fire

I had an attic fire in my boarding house almost 2 weeks ago. Wyze camera in the lobby captured a lot of the action at the front door before they turned the electricity off. The temperature that night was 1 degree with a windchill of -18. God bless the firefighters and the SIX stations that came to the rescue.

The CO alarm worked on the camera, as well as the smoke alarm. It held up in freezing temperatures and had icicles off it when I retrieved it the next day.


Wow. That is some extreme working conditions. nice video though. thanks for sharing.

Salute to the firefighters

That is just so scary. Wyze cam - way to go!!!

@info12 This shows that the CO alarm has use, thanks for sharing this. Do you mind if we share this under the app’s Discover feature?