Wyze Cam Saved Cottage - Maybe A Life!

A drunk snowmobile driver went off our lake, across two lakefront lots, and crashed into our front cottage deck (winter in Michigan). The crash severely injured the driver. It was a very violent crash, causing the snowmobile to catch on fire, and the fire spread to our deck. The deck is connected to the cottage.

My lake side facing cam sent me an alert of the crash, and multiple follow up alerts. This allowed me to call 911 immediately, and first responders were on the scene in 20-25 minutes from crash impact.

Firefighters saved the cottage, and the driver got taken to the hospital with his many injuries (and accountable to police that arrived and found he was drunk).

Firefighter told me afterwards that the cam alert and our phone call saved it. It would have otherwise been a total loss as it would not have been much longer before the cottage itself was on fire. No one was on the street or in the surrounding homes to otherwise notify them. We were down state two hours away, and watched it all unfold on our lakeside facing Wyze Cam Pan.

Just a surreal and shocking experience.

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Crash Impact Notification

Fire Rising From Crash

Fire Growing, Driver Regains Consciousness

Post Incident Picture Collage




Wow, that dude hit hard. :grimacing: Glad to hear Wyze cam paid off big for you and the drunk. Great footage!


Wow. Is that middle photo the remains of the snowmobile?


Oh, goodness! We are so relieved that the driver and your cottage were able to be saved! Thank you so much for sharing this story with us. I’ll show this to the rest of the team.

Great job on your quick action!


Woah! That’s scary and incredible at the same time! So glad everything worked out so well considering the alternative’


When We lives in Des Moines I had a truck with a wiring short catch on fire. It was parked next to the garage and caught the house on fire. It was the middle of the night and a neighbor thought he forgot to turn his porch light off and went downstairs and happened to notice the fire and call the fire department and saved my house.

We now live in the middle of nowhere and that’s why we put in Nest smart smoke/CO detectors. Because before someone found out our house was on fire it would already been burned down. So we get alerts if the heat even rises over a certain temperature. And we can decide to either ignore that alert or let it go ahead and go on and notify the fire department and if the temperature is over a certain degree you cannot ignore the alert at all it will automatically go off regardless and notify the authorities. This gives us the opportunity even if it’s a false alarm I don’t care I’ll pay the fire department the $500 for showing up and it also lets us notify them of all of the animals that we have so that they can be aware of them. Better safe than sorry.

I’m so happy that you were able to get alerts and save your house and property. And for much cheaper than Nest I can assure you. I’m sure there’s a lot of sentimental stuff there that can’t be replaced. I just can’t imagine sitting there and watching it all unfold and not being able to do anything. That had to have been gut wrenching. My prayers are with your family and the gentlemen who caused this. I hope he learned a lesson from this.

Every time I read a post like this it gives me another reason to place a camera somewhere else on my property to watch something that I never expected to happen. You just never know and for $20 is a pretty good and inexpensive insurance policy. Your insurance company should be thanking you over and over again. I’m so happy that everybody’s OK and I just don’t understand how you were able to sit there and watch that. That’s more than I could handle. But what else could you do in those circumstances. You are definitely very strong people! Bless you all


Yes. It burned away to almost nothing.


I had so much adrenaline flowing it was hard to contain myself or think straight while we were watching. Gut wrenching is a great description of what I was going through. Totally surreal experience. The MINUTE firefighters had it all out, and I could take a couple breaths to calm down, I was in my car and on the road up north to the cottage.


I’m sure you were and I’m glad that you drove safely up there in didn’t harm yourself getting up there to check out the damage. It could’ve been so much worse. I’m glad it all worked out. Again I just can’t imagine what you went through and your family. Just have to watch helplessly

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I’m surprised that guy got up and was able to walk around, glad everything turned out not too bad , it could have been a lot worse


And to think … the most exciting thing I’ve ever captured on my Wyze cam(s) was a stink bug on my window. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Looks like the guy that your deck did a fine job as well. Stopped the speeding sled.

He’s lucky he missed the tree stump or he would probably have died.


Drunks are a scourge on society


Hi I’d be curious to know how the wyze cam was able to send multiple alerts when it has a five minute cooling off period and it only took responders 15 minutes to get there. Glad everything worked out and everyone was ok. Hoping maybe there is something I missed as that is my only gripe about the camera. I have another camera, a Tuya smart that sends an alert every second it detects movement. Thanks

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Am I the only one that heard a robotic voice screaming in their head saying, “Danger Will Robinson… Danger Danger” as the Pan Cam flipped and flopped back and forth? :slight_smile:

@bbnsnt Wyze has a subscription service that overrides the 5 minute cooling off period. Where have you been, bruh? lol


I am aware of the service but couldn’t find Any information as to how often it would send a notification. I know it keeps recording past the 12 seconds continuously when It detects motion, but I didn’t know how often it would actually resend the notifications if it keeps detecting motion.


@bbnsnt Why not just subscribe and try it out? I believe they offer a 14 day trial. It’s pretty epic, IMHO. The only reason why I haven’t renewed my subscription after the trial is because I haven’t decided which cameras to apply the subscription to. (and… well,… other reasons) :slight_smile:




Um that’s not right. It’s not supposed to look like that. I’m no contractor but it doesn’t pass the eyeball test.

Sorry man. Seriously what happened?

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