Weather Proof

Is the camera weather proof if I set it up above my driveway or anywhere outdoors.

According to the description the camera is an inside camera. That being said, several people (me included) have them outside, but not really out in the weather without protection. I think several people have put them under their eaves. I have one on my front porch and my back deck - and both of those have a roof. There is a little ‘bird house’ enclosure that’s sold on Amazon but I’d still be leery about putting it out where rain could get to it.

…also… all the experience with people having cameras outdoors have been in cold temps. It remains to be seen if the cameras continue to function after exposure to high summer temps and high humidity.

Official reply:


In Southern California we certainly get high temps, but it’s generally bone dry when we get the hottest weather. I will report when it gets hot. Also, I have an expectation to put one in my attic this weekend which easily hits 120 F this time of year and will be close to 140 F in the summer. I’ll let you know…

Well, Alabama has the high temps and high humidity - so we’ll see. Loving my cameras so hope they continue to work :slight_smile: We’re already seeing 90 degrees, just have to wait and see.

The true test is coming. I’m mounting mine next weekend on a mast on my roof in direct sunlight that overlooks Lake Havasu in Lake Havasu City, AZ. Summer temps in July/Aug will exceed 110 degrees almost everyday. There will be several days 120 and even a few degrees more! Monsoon season will bring heavy rains and 50mph winds. I’m hoping it lasts a season and I can replace it each year! I will report back! Oh and I found the below which is super cool for outdoor mounting!