Headlight, timer lights, spiders,oh my…

Motions from headlights and spiders
Help, too many motion alerts

This is a tough one ATM. You need a motion sensor.

On the passing headlights, you will need to restrict hours of operation for Motion Detection to daylight hours (not evening/dawn/night time). You can do that in Rules .

To compensate for turning off Motion Detection at night, we usually recommend use of a Sense Motion Sensor. That’s where it gets a little complicated. Version 1 of the motion sensor is no longer sold. However, if you have one, you are all set. Just put that where the camera looks (exclude any possible view of other heat sources, like the road!), and when motion sensing is turned off for your camera at night the PIR sensor will pick up on anything warm walking by. You select your camera to document & alert any movement under Sensor Videos in the sensor’s settings.

There is a new V2 version of the sensor, but sales of that is currently being restricted to Home Monitoring subscribers. If you are one of those, you are all set. If not, hopefully that will change as production ramps up. For any motion or entry sensors to work you will need that $40 starter kit, as the sensor talks to a Hub, and the hub talks to your network.

So hopefully you already have a sensor, or can buy a V2 soon.