Motion sensor sends motion notifications all day, but it stops at night


I ended up buying the motion sensor. I installed it outside, in my backyard. However, the sensor is sensing motion all day, every 3 minutes. But there are no humans or animals around, and this only happens during the day, not at night. Right under my sensor there are plants and there may be bees sometimes, but not all day. Also, the plants stay there, day and night.

For example: there are not many motion notifications around 2 am, but there are a lot after 8:56 am.

Could the bees or the plants be the source of so many motion notifications? Or does the sensor doesn’t work correctly when it is under the sun light?

I have similar problems. I don’t have the motion sensor. I just use the one in the camera. Like you, it only detects motion during daylight hours. It worked perfectly before, but not now.

I have the same issue during peak hours of direct sunlight, as if the shadows and or heat are detected as motion.

I read somewhere the IR sensor detects heat from the people and animals,

I may be misinterpreting your screen shots, but those look like entries for a camera and not the motion sensor. The icons shown are for the camera.