Floaters detected at night

Each night I see a vertical series of 3 to 5 lights that move left and right setting of the motion detection. There is nothing external to the camera doing this. Anyone else see this? I have read that it is possibly the camera infrared sensors themselves.

You might want to post an example of what you’re seeing. I get bugs (the flying kind) setting off my Events every night. Last two nights have been fog and drizzle, but it’s hard to say without seeing what you’re seeing.

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Does not turning down the sensitivity of the motion Detection not fix the unwanted alerts? It did for me cause bugs are Drawn to the light next to my camera.

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My camera is inside. I solved the issue. There was a shiny plastic faced thermometer sitting next to it that was causing the camera lens to see the ir sensor lights shadow, even from a 90 degree angle. Funny. Solved.