HDLivecam no video with Whizmax hat camera

Hi I bought a Walmart hands free baseball cap sports 4k camera. It’s supposed to work with HDLiveCam on my iPhone. I can set it up, set the options, do everything including format the sd card from my phone, but when I go to take video the “busy wheel” just spins where the video is supposed to be. Any ideas.

This is a Wyze forum, not a WhizMax forum. WhizMax products are not compatible with Wyze.


I still tried to search for this “Whizmax” company on social media or a website or a phone number or email to their support for you. Apparently, other than having various clothing or furniture type of products on Target (and Walmart) they don’t seem to be listed anywhere. That’s a big redflag to me. If something isn’t working for you, I’d go talk to wherever you bought it from, and maybe return it.

But as Seapup stated, that product is not related to the company Wyze (which is what this forum is dedicated to). They’re completely different companies that have nothing to do with each other. You could try asking in some general forum like Reddit or the Walmart subreddit or something.

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Thanks for trying