Having to reconnect with app in background

I have WYZE on my iPhone XS. Both app and iPhone are running on the latest update. If I open WYZE, and successfully connect both my cameras, they will disconnect if I then open a different app, ( i.e. put WYZE in the background). Then, when I bring the WYZE app forward again, I then have to reconnect the cameras again. Why does this happen and how can I avoid this disconnect just because the open running WYZE app has been pushed to the background? Thanks

This is the way it’s designed. If the app kept streaming from the camera while in the background, people would be forgetting that is happening and have tons of data usage they weren’t expecting.

If you leave the app while viewing either a single camera or a group, when you return to the app (as long as you haven’t force-quit it), it should return to the screen you were on an automatically reconnect without any intervention on your part. This usually takes a second or two. If you are having to do something manual to reconnect, then something’s not working right.

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