Camera Screen live view refresh in IOS after WYZE app in background

This seems to be a new behavior of the WYZE App and IOS. Once you put the app behind another app on the screen(the app is still running in the background) , then when you click it to be the active app again you get this message

It sits for a long while like this, then finally loads active screens of the cameras. However, if I close the app out, then restart it, the cameras all open up to live views immediately.
This just started with the last two WYZE app updates that came out recently.
Any ideas anyone if this is WYZE bug or an IOS bug.
My IOS version is 16.5 and WYZE version is 242.5 (2).

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This behavior is also happening …
My version 3 camera shows this periodically once coming back to a live screen, but then goes aware once the WYZE app is restarted….

I’m guessing these may be related. Both behaviors started after the last two WYZE app updates. I don’t believe either behavior is signal strength related, as they both show very good signal strength.

App has been extremely slow loading my cameras unless I kill the app and reopen it. This needs to be addressed.


I have the same behavior. Camera groups just stay on the “loading live stream” unless i force close the app. Sometimes clearing the cache in the app helps, but the next time you launch it just goes back to the same stuck behavior. I created a support ticket with Wyze but they don’t seem to be in a rush to fix it. What’s aggravating is that the app was stable until they updated it. Why can’t they leave working things alone?