Cameras lose connection when I switch apps on iPhone

I open the Wyze app on my iPhone Xs. No problem. I turn on the Wyze camera. It takes a 10-15 seconds to load the camera. Usually no problem but sometime I have to do it twice. Then, if I switch to another app on my iPhone, the Wyze app drops to the background, and is still open. I don’t have to reopen the app, but I DO HAVE TO RECONNECT THE CAMERA.

Why do I lose connection to the camera just because the running app is in the background and how do I fix this?


There is no way in the app to change that behavior. It re-establishes a secure connection when you go back to the Wyze app.

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Thanks for the reply.
To me, this seems like a design flaw Wyze should correct because sometimes when the app loses this connection to the camera I need to close the app and open it again.

Which part do you consider the design flaw? The re-establishment of the secure connection, or sometimes having to close and re-open the app to re-connect? If it is the former, that is not a design flaw; that is intentional.

Security is also not convenient. Would you rather take an extra few steps to reconnect, or allow anybody to access the cameras, that could be in your home?

Connection to the cameras are also based on your network speed as well as connection to the Wyze servers. :slight_smile:

If the app was connected in the background, and your on LTE, it could use your data. So there are many reasons to require a timeout and reconnect.

But, correct me if I’m wrong- if there is a timeout and reconnect, while the camera is not connected it will not record a movement event and I will not get a notification. Therefore, in order to get a notification that someone has opened my front door I must keep this app running, on screen, on my iPhone all the time. Or am I mistaken?

Also I have unlimited data so I’m not concerned about that.

Thanks for you replies.

No, Livestreaming is completely separate from the event notifications and recordings. Have you checked the Support link at the top right of the website to see if you can find any useful information there? There are a LOT of articles which may help you understand the cameras and app better. :slight_smile: