Wyze Cam not staying connected when anything moves in front of it

So, I decided that to figure out how to connect this all, I would do it from my computer desk. This is right next to my Nighthawk router.

So I’m testing it out and getting it connected which in itself was very easy, However, if I start waving my hand in front of the camera - it disconnects and never reconnects. This is alarming because I’m very close to the actual router, and things moving in front of it where what I hoped to catch on cam.

Once this happens, I have to go through the entire setup process again. This is happening on both of the cameras I ordered.

When not moving in front of the camera, the capture rate is wildly inconsistent as well, between 5-80fps. This is sort of not very useful as I need it to stay above 25fps in order to properly catch an image of a thief.

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Can you start by telling us a few things about your setup?

Such as:
iOS 12.1,2, App v 2.0,21, firmware v. on WyzeCam2 (5cams).

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I’m on android 8.0, the cam firmware is the latest version and the app is too.

Hello @doc_strange sorry that you are having trouble with receiving notifications and I would love to help you get it sorted out but before we can do that do you mind doing me a favor and sending in your log files from the Wyze app?

Instructions on how to send log files

Open Wyze app > Click “account” > Then click “help and feedback” > then click the yellow icon and submit the report. Thank you

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I submitted a log. Also it is not notifications that are not showing up. It is the camera

I’m talking about fps.

It’s wyze branded. So yes

How are you measuring the fps?

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@doc_strange, sorry to hear about this trouble! As a quick note, the FPS should be 15 FPS with night vision off and 10 FPS with it on. Your FPS varying that wildly is definitely a strange sign and we’re glad you caught that! Though more of an issue is the disconnection issue. Are you using the beta or the regular app? And I know that I’m late to the party, but is this still a problem? We want to get this sorted out for you!