Has anyone try to add a green led?

On mine parents Nest camera it have a green Led. I have watch people turn away when they see the green led. On the Wyze V2 I see it in software a switch. I pop off the black faceplate and it look like it can have a Led. So has anyone try to put one in?

The ‘switch’ in the app will turn on and off an led that is installed in the cam. It is on the back and will be blue under normal operation. If you turn the switch off it will go out.

I have not seen anyone try to put in another led or relocate the one in the back, but I am sure there would be a way to do it.

This is what it look like under cover. It look like a led can be added

I can’t read the board markings in the picture, does it say LED by those two solder pads? Even if it does, it may not be in the firmware to actually add one. I know there’s an option in the settings, but I don’t know if it’s for that. The Wyze Pan camera does have a front LED that can be switched on and off, it’s blue.
Wyze doesn’t manufacture the camera themselves and there are a couple different clones made by the same factory that may use a component in that spot. I suppose you could try an LED in that spot and see what happens. It shouldn’t hurt anything since an LED is a diode, but the polarity would have to be correct and there’s a chance it could short something on the board, so it would be a risk.

Last night I meter it and got no power. I even flip the off the led in the back think the front would come on. I turn the infrared on got no power. So I open it up and the sec board has 3.3v. So it can be done. Before I do it I want to really look at the led trace to see where it go.
The two oo next to square is the power. Will look at it better when I have time

You could even remove the rear LED, solder a pair of wires where it was, and run the wires to the front for a green LED. You can buy plastic LED bushings that mount to a hole in the case.

I read (some time way back) that was a where the photodiode once was placed to detect ambient light, but removed because that’s all done by the camera now.

I look at other photo and I never saw a lighting bolt in or out. So it can be a photodiode.
By watching youtube someone show you can daisy chain camera together by the big usb port. Maybe buy a bird house for the camera and make a usb/led cable. This would be the easy way to go.

This is suggestions if you a Kindle hd 8 or 10 person is to get the google play store on it. Once you do it you can use the Wyze app with a bigger screen then a cellphone. The sec is get the Ring neighbors app. It the neighbors watch right now.

Can take a house like this and place a led in the attic this would be the easy.


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