Has anyone seen this message at Dispatch setup (failure)?

That is why it won’t setup. There is no paid home monitoring subscription linked to the account in the app.

The subscription is linked from your Web Account.

Go to services.wyze.com and log into your account. You may need to click your Avatar in the top right and select Sign In and My Account.

After logging in, you will see all your subscriptions listed. Look for Home Monitoring, one Bonus Cam Plus (free), and one Bonus Sprinkler Plus (free). These are the three subscriptions that will come with the Home Monitoring.

Is it listed in your subscriptions on the Account Web Portal?


It is not listed there. How do I change this? I signed up and paid fornthe subscription using my Gmail account. The app does not offer me this option at log in.

Your web account and your app must be on the same email address and password at login for the two to sync.

Use the Gmail to log into the Web Account. There is an option there to login using your Gmail Passport.

Once logged in, verify that the subscription is there. If it is not, you will need to contact Customer Support to get the subscription onto your account.

Once it is on the account, use the same credentials to login to the app. You will need to install all the devices to the app again if you didn’t use your Gmail email to set up the app account the first time.

I have the same problem at Dispatch setup Failed. Under services, it shows I have annual plan license for Cam Plus and annual plan for Home Monitoring. How do I fix this or is it a way to overwrite Dispatch setup?

There isn’t a way to get around the setup. Are your subscriptions showing as active in Services on both the app Account tab and the website?

Yes, both places are showing correct subscription but cannot pass this step.

Just a shot in the dark… Do you have your location services turned on?

If it won’t get by that step, you will most likely need to contact support.

I am having the same issue. I have had home monitoring with Wyze since it came out. and now every time i go to the monitor icon, it keeps forcing me to go throug hthe set up, even though i have already done it . When i try and go throug the process it fails after i enter my address and goes back to the start dispatching service. I have a current home monitoring set up for yearly. it says active on my app, and on the website.

Please help. My alarm went off but i had no way to know what sensor went off because i cant access the Monitoring tab.

Please help!!!

I recently had the app try to force me thru the setup as well for some strange reason after having been on HMS for over a year. It also failed. I cleared the cache, signed out, force closed the app, restarted the phone, logged back in, and the Monitoring tab loaded. It’s worth a shot.

My problem was solved. You need to reset service under home monitoring. If your reset service is gray not red, you cannot do reset service. You need to contact customer service. They will cancel your current subscription & setup new subscription to over write the old one.

I uninstalled and it fixed it but only for a day. the next day again i had to uninstall to disarm from my phone. this is terribly annoying. Wyze stop making new stuff and fix what we already bought!

It’s outrageous that this has been a problem since FEBRUARY and my service was just renewed for $99 yesterday…which immediately caused the same problem!!!

Customer Service (I use that term loosely) is a joke… they sent me a $5 gift card so basically I have to buy more Wyze JUNK to get $5.

They should be ashamed allowing people to renew their service, knowing it’s going to [mod edit] the phone app!!!

My ticket # is 3030667. I’m waiting to hear from a live person to tell me what [mod edit] I’m supposed to do with my $99 service that isn’t working.

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Wyze was great until that investor came in. now they are making half baked inventions. please fix the stuff you have dont make more crap. I dont need a wyze leg massager. I don’t need a bluetooth whisk. I need my cameras, and alarm to work. fix what you have.

Have the same problems with mine, anyone get theres resolved tried everything everyone had posted and still nothing, customer support was worthless and no help at all. Told me i have to wait 24 hrs when were leaving and have a pet sitter stopping by a few different days and dont wont to give my pin, so she was to call so i can disarm and i cant do that now


Not me I have to uninstall the app to get it to work. I’m sure when a robber comes in I can say…“hold on a sec while I reinstall this app” he will understand.

I had to buy a new subscription to get mine to work, roku has the same exact stuff i may be entertaining them, i cant have my home un armed as we live close to the great crime sprees of Baltimore city

-Possible Fix-

I had this issue and was initially unable to get a resolution through any troubleshooting. I reached out to Customer Support and also found no help. I tried logging out, uninstalling and reinstalling the app, restarting the hub, using my wife’s phone, and such.

However, I was able to correct the settings and get everything working again by downloading the App onto someone else’s iPhone and going through the setup there. (My phone is an Android.)
I’m not sure if everyone having this issue has an Android, but the screenshots all seem to be from Android Devices.

This is not a preferred or long-term solution, but it may help some of you with the same issue get things working again.

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I’m currently having this exact same issue. I contacted support and they said there’s nothing they can do at this time while they investigate the issue. I’ve reported at least 10 support logs. It’s been almost a week since this issue happened and I still haven’t gotten a resolution for it.

It seems that the latest update to the app fixed the issue for me.

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