Has anyone seen this message at Dispatch setup (failure)?

-Possible Fix-

I had this issue and was initially unable to get a resolution through any troubleshooting. I reached out to Customer Support and also found no help. I tried logging out, uninstalling and reinstalling the app, restarting the hub, using my wife’s phone, and such.

However, I was able to correct the settings and get everything working again by downloading the App onto someone else’s iPhone and going through the setup there. (My phone is an Android.)
I’m not sure if everyone having this issue has an Android, but the screenshots all seem to be from Android Devices.

This is not a preferred or long-term solution, but it may help some of you with the same issue get things working again.

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I’m currently having this exact same issue. I contacted support and they said there’s nothing they can do at this time while they investigate the issue. I’ve reported at least 10 support logs. It’s been almost a week since this issue happened and I still haven’t gotten a resolution for it.

It seems that the latest update to the app fixed the issue for me.

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