Home monitoring setup #fail

So I got my home monitoring. First off, I didn’t realize I needed an email they sent me months ago to setup the monitoring. That took forever. Wyze support is non existent. When I search online all I get is the keypad for the dang door lock.

Anywho. When I set the app up all is good. Except the last step asks me to agree to the legal. I do, then it says I need to update the base. I hit update now snd then it says “you’re up to date”. Then takes me back and again says I need to update, and so on and so on. There’s nothing to update and it will not let me past this step. I have to force close the app to get out.

I’ve tried reloading the app.
I’ve started over several times.

Any suggestions?

I’m able to agree to legal terms, but then when trying to either Skip Test mode, or Enter Test Mode (the only options), I receive a Systems Update Failed notice. I have signed out. Updated the app. Restarted my phone. Nothing works.