Has anyone had this power issue on Pan V3 & OG Cam?

I have 3 cameras plugged into an indoor extension cord (Pan V2, Pan V3 & OG Cam) on my porch away from outdoor weather reaching it (other than dust).

I was having lots of issues with my Pan V3 and Wyze OG camera taking forever to load up, lagging, freezing up and just bugging in general (like needing power cycles which I do normally and events not being recorded at times). After reading on this forum, I figured maybe it’s the extension cord, which I suspected, as that’s the logical similarity between the 3 cams, but I wasn’t having the same issue on the Pan V2. I plugged the V3 and OG cam straight into the wall to see if that would fix it, but that took me further back, was not able to view the video feed at all, kept freezing up when it did eventually load with the same issues, but still the PV2 remained without issues.
Then I moved the cameras all back to the extension cord and they started working like before, still laggy and freezing occasionally, but I was at least able to get a live view that way.

I am on Beta on the PV2 & iOS app (tried downgrading to previous app beta with no change), not on the PV3 or OG (don’t think there are any Beta’s for the PV3 or OG yet).

NOTE: it’s not a Wi-Fi connection issue, I have 3 routers placed around the house and one of them is placed within eye sight of the cameras.

Just curious to see if anyone has seen this similar issue or has any explanation, it’s little weird to me that the cameras work better on an extension cord than in the wall.

(P.S. - When I use my Echo Show to keep a live feed of the camera, for some reason at night it has issues connecting to see live view and in the daytime it starts working as it should? Weird)

While you may have 3 routers, it doesn’t guarantee the cams are connecting to the closest one. I have several cams that are closer to two WiFi nodes, but have a very strong affinity to my root router. Check the router to be sure the device is using the closest node.

Another issue that I had to deal with in the past was the default implementation of QOS protocols on the router that would deprioritized my devices during peak stream times. I turned that off and designated my core security cams as priority devices.

Thanks for the reply!

I checked and it does look like the OG Cam is connected to the router in my office (3 walls away), that could explain that. The Pan V2 and and V3 are connected to the one in my room (2 walls), V2 still has no issues while V3 does. I will change them to the other router and see if that fixes it.

Also checked, the Orbi routers seem to not have QOS option, but I am seeing that they use a “Dynamic QOS” without the ability to mess with it.

In comparative antenna strength and reception effectiveness tests, the V2 has regularly been shown as having the best reception.

Interesting, the distance between the routers is less than 35 feet total at this point. Strange issue is all.

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