Has anyone found a good calorie and fitness tracking app that pulls data from Google Fit

I have the Wyze band and scale which are both working fine an syncing to Google Fit. I also have other devices, ex a BP monitor that syncs as well.

What I’m not finding any maybe I am doing/thinking about this wrong, is a way to consolidate all the data into one app. So I can log my meals, calculate remaining calories, see my weight & activity all in one spot.

I’m an android user and have tried LifeSum, My Plate, My Fitness Pal and a host of others.

If anyone has found a holy grail single app, I’d love to know.


I’ve been using the Lose it app for quite a while you can input all your info, it syncs with google fit, my fitness pal, garmin vivofit3 and other apps. I liked it so much I paid for the lifetime of use!

Well that’s the beauty of WearOS isn’t it. Everything integrates, including back to Google Fit if desired. But that’s not something Wyze does.