Handheld Vacuum shuts down WAY early for no apparent reason

Ok, so after interminable delays I received the handheld vacuum and the one extra promised dust filter cartridge. I’ve been using this thing intermittently.

On a full charge with the included charger (lights stay steady and stop flashing), when I vacuum at high power, the vacuum shuts itself off within 2 to 3 minutes. NO, it is not clogged with dust. I constantly empty the dust bin out and clean hairs and lint off of the filter’s metal screen.

If I start the vacuum again it only runs for about 5 seconds when in this mode and again shuts itself off.

I understand this is probably a safety measure to prevent overheating of the battery or motor but it’s damned inconvenient and makes the vacuum not very useful in real life use.

Is there a money back return policy? I’m really not happy if this is how this device will perform.

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Sorry to hear you’re having problems with your handheld vacuum. When fully charged, the vacuum should not cut off in 2 or 3 minutes. I would call Wyze Support and start a support ticket. It sounds like you may need a replacement.

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This is why I dislike bagless vacuums. They are too complicated, messy, lots of maintenance, hard to understand etc… Your problems is that the inner HEPA filter is clogged, so it auto shuts off in seconds.

Wow, a single report in 6 months and that is your conclusion?

I have the same issue, seems to clot up quickly and shut down

You will have to pull off the metal filter and clean the interior HEPA filter, then it will work again. People clean the “metal screen” but do not realize there is another filter inside of that, and once full it will auto shut off the vacuum. Happens all the time.


Thanks that did the trick.

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I cleaned my HEPA filter with water and scrubbed it with a tooth brush to where it’s really clean, and the vacuum is still turning off. Replacing the HEPA filter is not a good solution because a pack of 3 costs $15. Anything else I can try? About to go back to a dust buster.