Handheld Vacuum randomly turns off on highest speed

I have started to see a weird behavior with the handheld. When trying to use it on the highest vacuum setting, it works for about 10 seconds, and then shuts off. I made sure there was no debris or anything clogging it, which I think would trigger it to turn off. I have cleaned the HEPA filter, and washed the attachments and container to make sure it is as clean as possible.

Not sure what else I can do besides needing to send it back to be looked at.

Can anyone help?

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I am also seeing this behavior with one of my two handheld vacuums. As reported, it turns off after several seconds on high. I ordered this one on 1/29/2021. Another handheld I ordered on 9/24/2021 is still working OK.
I’ve submitted a ticket to Wyze Support. They’ve asked me to try something and get back to them. I’ll update this when I have any more information.
In the meantime, you could report your issue as well, if you haven’t already.


The unit only shuts off when the filter is attached. Wyze please help with this.
Turns out the HEPA filter is to blame. Clean it thoroughly and buy a few extra. This unit should have shipped with at least two. With two you can use one to clean the other.

The filter needs cleaning, which you can do under a faucet. Just be careful you don’t tear any holes in the filter. I ran water through the filter, then blew through it to force out the fine dirt that was in the creases.

It seems the vacuum turns off high speed or shuts off entirely when the filter is so clogged that it cuts down the suction.

Bob Gemmell

Bought my handheld vacuum February 2021. I’ve hardly used it. Yesterday it stopped. I thought it needed charging. It will not charge. I chatted with support. They suggested it needed an update through the app! Then when they realized it can’t be updated so suggested the cleaning. It IS clean, filter and inside are like brand new. I clean it with every use.

Bottom line, dead after 1 year of maybe a dozen uses. Don’t purchase it. I was a strong supporter of WYZE, owning several of their products AND pushing them on all my friends. No more.