Handheld vac care

Wow- good thing Wyze sent an email reminder to clean out the handheld vac filter. The easy start guide included with my purchase was not so specific for the cleaning. In fact, the vac kept shutting down.
Maybe cleaning the internal guts today was the trick.
I have had a hard time dislodging the dirt from the handheld vac. It is stuck inside and I’ve had to use a butter knife, a letter opener, a bone folder trying to remove the dirt. The dog hair kind of gunks all the dirt together. And no it was not clogged with excessive dog hair. I would even empty the vac in between using it.
Glad to get the email reminder today 8/31/21 to clean the filter- it was foul.
I used a salad fork to gently dislodge the fine compacted dirt.
Then I washed it.
Happy to share the photo of the remains, but I cannot upload it here.
Although, the photo of yuk is now in the Support@wyze.com inbox- which I later learned is unmonitored.
Am not sure this handheld vac is built to work with our resident Labrador Retreiver, and with living in the woods, but we keep trying.
Just FYI, we do use a powerful Miele vac to suck the dirt and doghair. The handheld is used for in between. I am just not sure there shouldn’t be a caveat that this is not for XL dog families.

BTW- I did call the contact number posted, 206/339-9646 and they merely redirected me to this forum. That number is only for tech support.
Not for asking best methods to clean the vac.
And not for suggesting a clearer how-to-clean-your-vac guide, ( which Wyze must recognize as they sent this email today).
I guess the phone system is like spitting in the wind. I own many Wyze products, but am totally bummed at how hands-off the customer service phone support is.
At my age, I would never have known to go to an online forum for service.
Then why publish suggest the customer service phone number?
So my q’s for Wyze are as follows:

  1. Did Wyze test this vac on a home with a dog who sheds?
  2. I’ve pre-ordered the actual vacuum- wonder if it will work with same shedding dog?
  3. Will directions for maintaining handheld vac be improved?
  4. Will handheld vac and regular vac have any longevity with dog hair?
  5. Will there be better directions for care and maintenance of rechargable vac?
  6. Will customer service be improved in any way? Why pay for a phone number and reps of your company who don’t/ that doesn’t provide full customer service?

Just disappointed with the WYZE premise of service. RC

BTW- aside from poor performance, what are these attachments that fall off or reduce suction power? Come on now, WYZE?