Hand Held Vacuum

Is anyone else waiting and waiting for the shipment. I pre ordered in early January and still no update or is it even in my orders account. Prepaid months ago. I’m finding that they are expanding too quickly and as a result their service is declining on all fronts. They should focus on their core business to make it right for their early adopters. Too much success too quickly. Classic failures occur this way.

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I ordered on Jan 19 and my order status has changed to “Processing”. Per Jimmy @ Wyze, If you ordered on Jan 19, yours should ship soon (this week?). If you ordered after Jan 19, it should ship later this month.


I’m still waiting too, I have been a faithful Wyze backer for a long time but it seems that it’s taken longer and longer to get my items.

Just received an email indicating it has shipped. Or at least the shipping request has been sent to Fedex. So they have just started to ship. I ordered mine the day it came out for order.


Same here… just got my shipping notification. :+1:

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Got my shipping notice as well… I live about 15 minutes from the distribution center in Greenwood, Indiana… so I should have it in a couple of weeks :rofl:


Let’s see how they screw up this product like they did with their not so good cameras. Sorry I ever ordered anything from them

I have no real issue with the camera’s. What are you experiencing?

You’ve got to be kidding. The outside cams only work half the time if that. Battery life is horrendous. Need charging every week or so is annoying. They should stop making unnecessary junk products like floor lamps and stick to their cameras.

Got 3 of their cams and the doorbell and couldn’t be happier. Reliable and quality at a unbeatable price.

Ordered the Hand Held Vac months ago. It would be nice to get an update… I got preorder updates for my robot vacuum, but on this… crickets!

I guess the website says “April”, so I guess they have three more days to fulfill that promise.

Here is the latest update. They also send out emails with this info. Check your spam filter maybe or check to see if you are signed up for said notifications still?

My updates said arriving tomorrow 4 days ago. I hope the vacuum doesn’t “suck” as badly as their customer service.
Atrocious a d infuriating.

Mine has been great so far and has operated as advertised. A few quirks, but I am happy with it. One persons story. Referring to the HHV, not the customer service… although, for my needs… once I have them on the phone my issues have been resolved, but they have some improvements areas for sure.

Nope. Checked all of my inboxes, junk mail, etc. No email update like you got. I used to get them right into my inbox, so I don’t know what happened…

In the WYZE app, go to:
Email Notifications
And check to see if you have the ones you want selected.

Or re-subscribe here

Try contacting Zun Yang the CEO

Pardon the brevity. Sent from my iPhone

I was part of the early hand vac orders, and was promised extra filters for each hand vac. When the hand vacs arrived, there were no extra filters, so I called and was promised it would be taken care of. Three weeks later I called again and was told the same, but this time I received an email asking for a pic of the two hand vacs. I have now received email three times telling me I have not replied. I just spent 40 minutes with terrible customer service to no resolution. Is WYZE in over the heads?

Wyze is becoming a joke. Was one of the first to pre order the hand vac. They claim the first one was lost by the PO. Second one was shipped last week and no status on where it is. They are insanely stupid. Sorry I bought so many cams as well. They stink. You get what you pay for I guess. Lesson learned. Still waiting for this vac. If it doesn’t arrive in the next day order will be cancelled. This has been a FIVE MONTH WAIT.