Had electrician connect my thermostat

Had electrician connect my thermostat. Now I thought I would just do the connection to my app. But I can’t do it. The Thermostat just says Wyze, nothing else. Suggestions for what to do. Thanks.

Are you using the app to add a new device?

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Make sure your Wyze app is updated, then tap the plus (+) icon and “add new device”, then go to the “home” category and add the Wyze thermostat. If the electrician already made the connections to the thermostat and it powers up, you can select the “yes” or “ok” until you get to the pairing process. The app will show you what to do.


Yes, but because your electrician did the work, you may not know the answers to the MANY questions Wyze asks during an add device on a thermostat. Too bad they don’t just have a “get to it!” prompt, lol.

If you pull your thermostat off the wall (just give it a pull), you should be able to see what wires they connected. Setup will want to know those.

Then go to the app and hit the Plus key (+) in the upper left-hand corner to add a new device, and select Add Device > Home > Wyze Thermostat > Preparation.

Just acknowledge you did the things it asks about, but when you get to “Do you have a high voltage system?” say NO, because the thermostat is not compatible with a high voltage system, and the electrician should have known that (actually it would have been good if they did this app add process for you as well!)

Skip any pictures. Assume everything has been done otherwise. Say the heating system is turned off if they ask (that was for the electrician, lol). You can select skip if it is offered.

When you get to “Select the terminals that have wires connected”, touch the designations of the wires you see are connected. You can also write those down for future reference if you like.

Then plug the thermostat you pulled back onto the mount. Make sure you line up the pins with the holes before you wiggle & push it back into place.

You should get that “Wyze” display on its screen again. That means it is powered & ready to pair.

When the app gets to the “Tap begin to start pairing your Wyze thermostat”, you are mostly there. If it pairs, great! It should. If it says it can’t find your thermostat, then press down on the lower dial on the thermostat for 10 seconds until it asks if you want to reset it, then turn the dial to select ‘yes’, and press the dial again. You should be back to “Wyze” on the display.

Select your network, enter your password, and click Join. Name your thermostat, but without the word “thermostat” in it.

Hopefully you will get a “Wires connected successfully!” at that point, or else you will probably need to delete the device, reset the thermostat, and try again. Multiple failures may require calling your electrician back out.

When it asks what kind of fuel W1 uses, it is VERY cryptically (hey, Wyze!) asking you what kid of fuel your heating system uses.

Just take the default questions after that; you can change them later in settings.

The app will ask to test your system as part of the process to make sure it is working (electrician should have done this…) For instance heat should fire up the furnace, and some number of seconds later your furnace fan should start (or however your heat normally works). Same thing for the air conditioner if you have one.

When all is done, the app will finally enter the app plug-in for the thermostat, where you can adjust all preferences as desired!

At some point it will probably ask to upgrade your firmware. I can’t see where because mine is already up-to-date. But if after all is said and done it hasn’t asked, go to thermostat settings > Device Info > Firmware version to upgrade.

Whew! Longest Wyze add device process EVER!