All kinds of issues with the Thermostat?

I’m following the instruction via the phone app, it never said to do anything at the actual furnace. The other “wiring harness” which comes with the thermostat was never even mentioned during the set up. Am I supposed to go to another app?

Also, I followed everything, step by step, one screen at a time. I have the wyze logo on the thermostat, but it doesn’t do anything. I press the knob, I turn the knob, but it doesn’t do anything.

Also, it won’t connect to bluetooth.

What am I missing?

Now I’ll have to put the old thermostat back the way it was. Right now, I’m not a happy camper with wyze.

So with wyze on the screen, what happens at this screen? It’s possible that if your phone is connected to another Bluetooth device that maybe it could be part of the problem. I’d disconnect all other BT devices 1st.

Also, post a picture of your wiring at the old thermostat

I think this is the image you’re asking about.
This forum is definitely NOTE user friendly! Holy Cow! I don’t know if I got the image uploaded or not. I hope it’s here. If not, I don’t know how to do it.

No other bluetooth connected.
I put the old thermostat back on as it’s a bit cold where I’m living and customer support is non existent with WYZE.

I’m still puzzled as to why there weren’t any instructions via the app to attach that other wiring harness to the furnace when every video I watched said to do it?

I had also read several people say with their app they were asked to test the system. I was never given that option.

If you have a C wire, you won’t add anything at the furnace. Do you have a heat pump? If so, did you tell the app the correct wires you have (outside labeling)?

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All I know is the wires from the diagram I provided earlier. I punched in the letters as they asked me to do. If there isn’t a “C” wire on that diagram, how would I know where to even look? They said all you have to do is follow the instructions. I did, and it didn’t work.

I was so excited to be getting my first product from WYZE after watching all the different videos. Right now, the excited has turn to something else…

This is above my pay grade. Hang in there. There are some very helpful and knowledgeable people on these boards…good luck!

Your old thermostat has 2 sets of labeling depending on if you have a heat pump or not. So you have to tell the app the correct wires you have. I believe that black B wire is a C wire. Can you also post a picture of your wiring at the furnace?

If there isn’t a “c” wire in the original wiring, why would I assume there is one I have to use?

Also, upon further internet surfing, seems I had it wired correctly because I got the WYZE logo on the device, but the bluetooth wouldn’t connect. As far as I can tell (because I couldn’t ask anyone in support because it’s non-existent!) the device has to be connected to bluetooth to set up to the wireless internet. I’m not a techie, so I could be wrong with all that as well.

Hi Andrew. The WYZE logo doesn’t mean that you have it wired correctly. It means that the tstat has power and is ready to connect to phone. Make sure the phone’s Bluetooth is turned on and then in app setup, you should get to a screen that looks like what @Ken.S shared above post. Stand close to the tstat and it should connect and proceed with setup. Good luck!

You won’t actually see a Bluetooth connection on list, just stay in app (the screen above) and it will do in background

And since you don’t have a C wire, you’ll have to use the adaptor

Would you post the pic of WYZE tstat wiring and furnace control board?

I don’t have the wyze tstat wiring now as I had to take it down as it was getting a bit chilly in the house. Here is the wiring from the furnace. If you can figure anything out with it, be my guest. I wouldn’t have the faintest idea as to where to find any of the wires.

I’ll ask it again, if this is supposed to be so easy, why wasn’t I given the option to go to the furnace to for this adaptor? Why won’t the bluetooth connect?

At this point, I’m just hoping wyze will accept returns.

Post a better picture of this, and no, it’s not that difficult to install. I don’t think you need the adapter.

Here ya go. So far, still nothing about the bluetooth either.

Looks like that black wire is the C wire. You should tell the app you have these wires. Nothing to do at the furnace, label the black wire at the thermostat as C

As I’ve been saying, I followed the app to the letter!
I wired it up according to how the app told me to do so.
I plugged it in, turned the power on, got the wyze logo, but the phone wouldn’t connect.

I had the same problem, So I reset the thermostat by pressing and holding the button down until it asked if I wanted to reset the thermostat. I answered yes, then rebooted my phone, When my phone restarted, I already had Bluetooth enabled, and it connected right away.


Yup. Did that too. Nothing.

Has anyone had issues with the bluetooth not pairing?