Gwendolyn Out For Several Weeks (Jason21271 Taking Over Temporarily)

Hi, Forum Friends!

I have big news! For the first time since… Well, literally ever, I’m going to be taking several weeks of paid time off.

I hope you all know that there’s nowhere I would rather be than hanging out with all of you. However, I’m going to be having a really important surgery on Thursday that is expected to drastically improve my quality of life. This surgery has a minimum recovery period of 2 weeks and they often recommend longer because of the restrictions required for optimal healing.

At minimum, I will be out of the office from Wednesday, January 12th to Friday, February 4th.

Honestly, the thing I struggle with the most about this that I won’t be in here with you in the same way to celebrate your triumphs and help with the things that aren’t going right. I’ve never spent more than a couple of days away from all of you (if that) in the entirety of Wyze’s existence. We’ll see how well I do for remaining strong and not coming in here every chance I get.

Please know that you all are CONSTANTLY in my thoughts. And I’m going to miss you and spending time with you so very much. However, we have an AMAZING team here and I’m incredibly proud and grateful to say that @WyzeJasonJ has been temporarily hired to take my place as Digital Community Manager here and in our Facebook groups. He’s been working closely with me for almost 3 years and knows how I operate better than just about anyone. He is our Honorary Gwendolyn. Beyond that, we have our fantastic @Mods and @Mavens here who have you covered. They’ve also almost all been working with me for a minimum of one year. :heart:

Stuff in here will basically be business as usual during my absence. So be safe, have fun, and don’t burn the house down before I get back. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

With love (and more than a little anxiety),



During this time, don’t worry about us, we will support each other as you have in years past. Focus on the healing and taking care of your self. @WyzeJasonJ aka Gwendolyn, will ensure the lights stay on and maintains the current course. Know that you are in all of our thoughts. :pray: :heart:


Congrats on getting to your surgery date! Wishing you a speedy recovery! :slight_smile:


May healing light envelop you! Your generous spirit attracts it. :sun_with_face:


I’m all for renaming the “maven” and/or “moderator” role classes to “gwendolyns”.

Best of luck and also try to enjoy the time off!


Well wishes @WyzeGwendolyn! Take your time off to heal and relax. You have an amazing team of volunteers! You needn’t have any worries.

Congratulations @WyzeJasonJ!


Good luck on your surgery @WyzeGwendolyn, concentrate on getting better. I know you would not entrust me with your communities if you did not have faith that I can keep them running (with the help of @Mods and @mavens) until you return.

I am sure a lot of you have seen me around and helping and I will continue to do so but now will also be your liason with Wyze and can do as @WyzeGwendolyn has done since the beginning of Wyze and keep this a warm and welcoming community. Feel free to tag me with any issues in Gwendolyns absence and I will do everything I can to assist.


Condolences on losing your “I’m just a volunteer user like the rest of you” card @WyzeJasonJ …and congratulations to the rest of us that they chose YOU to help out. :slight_smile: I am sincerely happy about that. Also, the forum here is pretty good with all the community guidelines, but the few times I’ve looked at the Facebook group, it seems it can be more of a handful sometimes :rofl:

In that case, I hope you’re WEAK! Yep, weak, and have to come visit to boost your mental health. We will miss you. Best wishes for your safe and full recovery for an improved quality of life. :slight_smile: I’d say enjoy your vacation/time off, but recovery from surgery isn’t necessarily “enjoyable”…but the investment usually pays off well. Might at least be good to de-stress for a little while. :slight_smile:

Well, Gwendolyn didn’t say “no parties” :partying_face: :part_alternation_mark: :tada: :confetti_ball: :raised_hands: :fireworks: …but didn’t trust us enough to leave us without a chaperone…


Great smile :smiley: Return soon!




You’re going to send out the 50 random $100. gift cards each day and the monthly Tesla giveaway just like Gwendolyn does, right?


Oh yeah! Gwendolyn sometimes posts contests and giveaways…and Gwendolyn DID tell us to have fun…that does sound pretty fun.


She also lets us leave early EVERY day and there are no homework assignments in January.


As soon as they give me access to all the prizes I will be all over that


Best wishes for a speedy recovery!


Can’t think of s better person to fill the slot!:ok_hand:


Good luck with the surgery Gwendolyn! We’ll be praying for you.
May you have a speedy recovery and the surgery is a success.


Speedy recovery! <3


Good luck and speedy recovery!!!