Goodbye from Wendy

Dear Wyze Forum Users,

I would like to inform you that November 27th, 2019 will be last day at Wyze. Saying goodbye is definitely bittersweet for me since I have so much love for this group. You are all very kind and helpful.

@WyzeAndy will be taking over my place to be the release manager. I will transfer all my work to him before I leave. If you have issues regarding Wyze devices or apps, please do not hesitate to contact Andy. He and the rest of our team will help you.

Thank you very much and I wish you all the best for the future.





You will be missed! But best wishes for your next adventure whatever it may be!

Awww. Farewell.

As long as you aren’t leaving Wyze to work at Xnor, I wish you best of luck. :laughing:


No, Nerdland, I am not working for Xnor. :slight_smile:


Only a joke. :wink:

I’m just not feeling particularly warm feelings toward them right now. I’d imagine that sentiments at Wyze HQ are probably similar at the moment. Haha.

We’ll miss you!


Best of luck for your next endeavor!

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Wendy - You have truly made the forum a better place. You will be missed. Good luck in all of your future endeavors.
:vulcan_salute: Live long and prosper.

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Exciting to look ahead and sad to say goodbye. You will be missed!:disappointed:.
Best of luck for a great future!

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Thank you for your kind words. Same to you. Live long and prosper :blush:.


Wendy it’s been a pleasure working with you, Best of luck in your new ventures!

You will be missed. You worked hard and were very helpful!!!

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