Event Ended! Discord Community Fireside - 8/10/2023 4:00PM PT

Hi, everybody!

We’ll have a Community Fireside live on Discord tomorrow, August 10th, from 4 - 5 PM Pacific! There will be giveaways (including for our Canadian friends!) and banter about both Wyze and non-Wyze stuff. Come chill with your favorite Wyze Community Managers! :snowflake:


Congrats for the new inclusion, Canadians!

Wait a minute…nobody told me we were supposed to pick favorites!

Loophole, it uses the plural, implying I can or should pick more than 1, and since there are only 2 (to my knowledge), that means both can be my favorite. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Also, even though he’s not a Community manager [anymore], Jimmy always maintains an honorable mention as the past Discord manager. :heart:

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Yep, I think the loophole is intended. Currently, Gwen and I are the only Community Managers. I think Jimmy can still be an honorary one and probably Danielle who does a lot behind the scenes with beta stuff (beta is a community also).

Oh yeah, then we definitely love @WyzeDanielle too. Beta has desperately needed someone to be watching and reporting issues, etc.

Are you guys ever going to do Employee Spotlights again? I don’t think we’ve seen one for 10 months now.

The Discord Fireside is starting soon, we have giveaways!!!


I recorded the Fireside with Google Recorder which did an automatic transcript. I then had Chat GPT summarize the entire fireside with bullet points about what it thought the main points were in the meeting, and the following is what ChatGPT thinks is a good summary of the Fireside based solely on the 1.5hrs worth of transcript I gave it in 2 parts:

Transcription of a Wyze community fireside meeting:

• Discussion about Wyze’s smart home products and upcoming releases.
• Mention of Wyze Battery Cam Pro and its features.
• Participants discuss the differences between Wyze products.
• Engaging with the chat and participants’ preferences.
• Various giveaways for participants, including Canadians.
• Jokes and casual banter among the participants.
• Highlighting the community’s role in providing feedback.
• Mention of Wyze’s transition from software to hardware products.
• Appreciation for underrated Wyze products like the Wyze Floor Lamp.
• Conversations about personal experiences with Wyze products.
• Humorous anecdotes and reminiscing about past experiences.
• Encouragement for user engagement and early participation.
• Introduction of team members involved in the event and giveaways.
• Overall positive and interactive atmosphere during the meeting.
• Discussion about Veronica needing caffeine and office perks.
• Mention of upcoming events and special plans for October.
• Excitement about upcoming product releases.
• Challenges faced during product launches, including missing accessories.
• Conversations about taco preferences and culinary opinions.
• Announcement of giveaway winners for various Wyze products.
• Conversations about different features and functionalities of Wyze products.
• Confirmation of the ability to turn off the radar sensor on Wyze Battery Cam Pro.
• Team members expressing gratitude and farewell to participants.
• Teasing about future events and community fireside.

Yeah, that’s a pretty good summary of what a Wyze Fireside on Discord is like.

Although the bullet point about the transition from Software to Hardware was about Wyze Li moving positions within Wyze, not Wyze in general.


I am impressed that it decided a bullet point was needed for Veronicas lack of caffeine.


You should tell her that the AI thought that was one of the most important Need to Know main points of the Fireside :rofl:


As it is with us all, lol. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :coffee: