ENDED: Discord Community Fireside Event at 4PM Pacific

It’s almost time for our next Community Fireside Event!

Join your Wyze community managers on Thursday at 4:00 Pacific to hear what’s new at Wyze, hang out with us, and maybe win some prizes. :grinning:

RSVP on Discord:

fireside 6.30 TODAY 16x9


Woo hoo! I might be stuck in a car, possibly in parts without reception, so someone might have to be ready to tell me all the most interesting info if I miss anything!

For anyone wondering, they basically always have some cool giveaways going on during these (as is stated in this announcement). I even won a device once! So I’d recommend trying to listen to it live and participate in the chat. Often they’ll have you like a certain post to be entered into the drawing, then they have the Discord Bot randomly select the name of one of the users who liked the giveaway post. Honestly the odds aren’t too bad as far as most giveaways go. It’s easy, and you’re not risking giving out personal info (they just DM’d my user account a coupon code to get my free device when I won). If you’re free, I’d recommend checking it out.


Thank you everyone who attended. :grinning: