ENDED: Discord Live Event with Community Managers - 12/30/21 at 3:00 PM PT

Hey, friends!

Here’s your invite – come hang out with Wyze’s Community Managers (Gwendolyn, Jimmy, Kenny, and Michael) for our bimonthly Community Fireside Event live on Discord! This is an informal event where we’ll be chatting about 2021 in review, playing some games, and giving away some products!

Note: This is not quite an AMA but we may have some time for questions that our Community Managers can answer at the end.

Join our Discord server here:

Then RSVP here:


Funny, I didn’t know there WERE any "community managers* besides you. I’ve never seen those other three people post a thing in this Wyze community forum…

Ah well, have fun with it and happy new year.

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I take a chance to say that they are active on facebook.

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It used to only be me in the olden days! We split up the work by platform to make it easier. Here’s the breakdown:

Gwendolyn - Forums, Wyze Core Community Facebook Group, Discord
Jimmy - Twitter, YouTube, Discord
Kenny - Facebook Business Page, Instagram, Discord
Michael - Reddit, Discord

You see me all the time because you chose to be active in the areas I kept! :heart:


Hi, everyone!

Wyze Community Managers are going LIVE on Discord in a little less than an hour! Join us at 3:00 PM Pacific for informal hangout time, some giveaways, and a look at our year in review!

Hope to see you there! :heart:


It’s 6:26pm EST and nothing is happening on Discord

Look in the upper left part of the navigation pane for “Community Fireside”


I’m there and I don’t hear anything and yes my speakers are on.

Sorry… not sure what the problem is, but it’s definitely going on. Look at the bottom left above your avatar… in my attachment, do you see the green Voice Connected? If not try clicking the little gear icon.

I figured it out. I had to use my headphones.


Great event team. Lots of fun. Thank You


You’re welcome! Thank you very much for joining us! :heart:

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