Group - record to phone/tablet (android)

Rather than recording to the cameras sd card; would like the option of recording the group - whether per camera or all at once - to the phone/tablet…essentially turning it into an NVR.

Reason is that if the camera is compromised/stolen, the videos are secure wherever the nvr device is located.

I currently run 2 V2 cameras without any sd cards in them and other than working with the beta app, I am using tinycam to accomplish this feat…would prefer to use the Wyze app if I could get this capability.

You can currently record one camera in the app, but the app needs to remain foreground. Would probably need to be the same for multi cam. Not very practical.

Wyze is starting to work on their own NVR solution which will address this issue. It’s in the early stages though.

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How do you record 1 camera in the App?

While in the live view, or when playing back the SD card video, tap the Record button under the video frame:

OK - is there any way to specify the location of the Album (i.e. to an SD card on the tablet/phone)?

On iOS, it goes into the Wyze album in your Photos app. In Android, I think it’s in the gallery, but not being an Android user, I don’t know specifically.

On Android it saves recordings to Internal Storage > Wyze > Camera > manual. I don’t see an option to change that, but you can always move the files to external SD card if internal storage starts filling up.

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