Great Wyze Customer Support

I’ve already filled out the survey for the support person, and sent an email, but when I get great customer support I want to call it out.

The other day I had an unfortunate dead Cam Pan v2. I have several Cam Pans going back to 2019, and they are usually bullet-proof hardware-wise. This one died for an unknown reason, being about 6 months old.

I went through the automated support maze and opened a ticked (which can be a little tedious) for a warranty replacement, providing all the required info.

Anyway, Lindz took my case and I had a new camera delivered on my doorstep in one day! Wow.

p.s. I was originally advised it would take 5-14 days for the replacement. :grin:


Holy cow! That is great to hear! With all the bad press that CS gets in the forums, it is great to hear of success stories like this! Great Post and thx for starting this topic! Maybe this will start a trend for more great feedback!


What Slab said. Raise your hand if you thought the title was going to be sarcastic. :slight_smile:


Aha, a solid foundation upon which to post… this:


Guilty, I initially thought that and was cautiously reading the post. To my amazement, it is a great write-up with positive attributes. I second what @SlabSlayer said.


You third. Arguably fourth. :wink:


what horse crap… takes days to get back to you, and for $120 worth of defective cameras, you get offered $15 gift card… totally disagree with great anything…

Wow! That lasted a lot longer than expected! I had the over under at less than 24 hours before us Billy Goats we’re discovered!

Agreed. We definitely do need to praise Wyze when they get stuff right.

Roads can be bumpy, but they do actually get quite a bit right!


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whats horts*t… great customer service my aunt fanny… you may have just got lucky and got a good tech on the other end… but thats where it ends…

aNgEl, your :horse: :poop: is fertilizing the thread! :wink:

My CS experience has been mixed but no worse than average over 3+ years. I haven’t used the formal channel in quite some time, meeds net by the forum collective by which you and I are loosely bound.

Cheers, :angel:

May your meeds be net and your surveillance reveal all the things you wish to detect. :telescope: :microscope:


That’s great to hear! I feel like my support has always been 50/50. I either get amazing support or horrible support. Never mediocre support. LOL.

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