Grayed out "playback" button in cloud events

Playback is available, just not in the way we’re used to. Tap on the camera from the home tab, then View Playback. You can slide the timeline back to find events, or view The event times so you know where to slide back to. It’s an annoyance, yes, but not impossible to view recordings.

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It’s more than an annoyance IMO, especially since this is for a security camera. Full playback and searching for a specific time is sloppy software, especially when SD event playback was available previously. Hope Wyze gets this fixed quickly.

I’ve been using the workaround someone else mentioned above, Once you click the event and the event displayed, rotate the phone so the video switches to landscape mode. The playback button works in landscape mode, at least it does for me on iOS, not sure about Android.

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yes, the workaround above (chilirock) seems to work in landscape mode (at least on iOS).

Thanks. I missed the earlier mention. This works for me as well on iOS.

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This is a high priority for Wyze and we are working on it. The recording are still there as pointed out, but I do apologize for it being so cumbersome currently with the broken playback button.


I’m having the same prob with SD playback on events grayed out (local storage and playback). V2, V3, current firmware, all worked for months and there has not been any new firmware updates but not now on 5 cameras. One camera is not grayed out. It is running a cam plus trial! How has this broken without an update??? Has been almost two week since this issue reported and no fix yet.

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What iOS Wyze app version are you using? The issue could be with the app itself and not the device firmware. There have been some app updates recently.

Wyze acknowledged the problem per this forum and said they are working on getting an update out. Still a problem, but there’s a temporary workaround by turning to landscape.

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I am running version (shows last update available in App Store 1 week ago) and am still having the issue also. App and firmware all up to date. I broke down and signed up for Cam Lite and the playback started working immediately. So there seems to be some kind of glitch keeping playback from appearing if you don’t have a subscription service and only using the SD card.


Yes. Thank you for the note. I suspect that is the case.

I am sorry you are having this issue also. This issue was introduced with the most recent app update, it is not a firmware issue. They are looking into and hopefully I will be able to report soon that it is fixed.


Hi there,

i am having the same issue. Wyze van u please fix this? Thanks in advance :).

Welcome to the forums! Here are some highlights that have been stated above.

Set your notifications level for this thread as “watching” to be updated on future updates in here as this high priority issue is known and a fix is in progress.

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Can you temporarily lock this topic to avoid the “me too! me too!” posts? Or at least until the fix is pushed, just in case the issue persists for some users?

I just got word that this issue with the grayed out playback button should be fixed on the 2.34 app release.


That is an idea, but i think right now we can keep it as is to give folks a place to talk about this issue as long as the contents fall within the Community Guidlines. I will add some updates to the initial post so that the folks visiting this thread can get some of the recent updates right away.


And when can we expect this release to be available?


It is Thursday, I still do not see an update available in the app store