Google home cannot connect to Wyze home

Every since the data breach Google home cannot connect to Wyze home to control my lights. I got them working for a bit by unlinking the relinking but then I started to get the same message. They work fine through the Wyze app.


ok, you know about this

did you re-authenticate via wyze?
Also, have you looked into your network signal strength to the devices in question?
If its weak, connectivity can be spotty via 3rd party services.

Are you awake? The quoted text isn’t related to the response.

JFC, so the link grab was not source, oops.
point was he knew of the breach and pointing towards the thread.
keep on trolling

I know you said you already unlinked and linked again, but, I feel as if you have to do this again to get it to work. I have had GA “konk” out a few times leading me to do this. Unsure if token gets reset somehow, or what, but unlinking wyze from GA and linking it back is the only solution I have had success with, however, it is a pain in the butt.

I had to re link Alexa like 4 times last few days

it is indeed a pain.

On Android, top right on your profile, click on that and go to “Assistant Settings”
Go to the “Assistant” tab which is to the right of the “You” tab
Click on “Home control”
Click on the 3 dot menu at the top right and click on “Manage accounts”

There you should find “Wyze Home” you can click and hit unlink, then search for it again and add it back

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I’ve tried unlinking and relinking a bunch of times. Google home still won’t connect to Wyze Home.

Other than what I posted, I personally don’t know any other way to reset. I would contact support at this time.

Read this it might help you or it may not

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Univiting and reinviting worked, thanks.

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