Cannot connect to Wyze Home from Google Home

I am trying to connect to Wyze Home through the Google home app and it is saying that Wyze Home cannot be reached.

I want to be able to control my Wyze bulbs through Google assistant.

EDIT: it’s probably an issue with Google Home. I will contact them. Thanks!

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I don’t generally use Google Home, but did just install and test on my Pixel 6 and the Wyze connector authenticated and connected and I was able to see my Wyze supported devices in the App.

Couple of thoughts.

  1. Make sure you are correctly entering your Wyze UserID (email associated to Wyze) and Password.
  2. Do you use 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) on your Wyze account? If on, you could try turning it off until you get Google connected.

Also take a look at the Wyze Google Assistant Setup Guide for more information.

Tagging another community member who is more versed in Google Home than I for additional ideas. @spamoni4

Sorry, busy day today.

When you connect your Wyze Account, here is the step I use:

  • Start Google Home on your Device
  • Click on Settings
  • Go to the Bottom and tap on Works with Google
  • Search for Wyze and select it
  • Click Next on Linking of the Account
  • Enter your Wyze Logon info (EMail and Password)
  • Mine skips the 2FA process and connects to Wyze Directly to get the devices.
  • Then set devices up per Room (if you desire). If not use the X in the top of the screen to back out.

At this point, your Wyze account and Google Home should be linked.

This is the Image from Google Home


My message says no devices wer e found in your wyze home account