Google Fit and Wyze Watch

Google Fit doesn’t appear under “Authorize 3rd Aprty APP” even though the FAQ says it’s compatible

If you go to the Wyze App and select the watch, you will see 3 items at the bottom of the screen. One of those items says Mine. Tap on Mine, you will see Google Fit in the list there. Tap it to authorize data to be synced with Google Fit.

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Thanks. I know that’s where it’s supposed to be, but mine only says Healthkit. I thought maybe because it’s an iPhone, but the Google fit app is available for IOS

I use Android. But do have an iPhone I test with. I will check on that as well.

I checked ad had a colleague check. Google Fit is not there as indicated. Wonder if it is a bug, or if it uses the native fit tracker.

Thank you @spamoni4 for the direction (couldn’t find that setting myself).

Does it sync sleep data? It only prompted to consent to the heart rate data being shared with Fit and didn’t see sleep.

I will have to check and see. I didn’t turn on Google Fit. Will let you know what I find