Gone the Ring way

I guess it’s time to trash my Wyze cameras since I have to pay now to see what is happening in my home now.

Yeah that 27 U.S. cents a day (For up to 99 Cameras) to view all of my cams daily event recordings is going to put me in the poor house. Enjoy your Ring purchases. :rofl: :moneybag: :moneybag:


Now THAT was funny.

I don’t want to see Antonius wind up in the poor house, :rofl:

We need to start a go-fund-me

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The gang :raccoon: :raccoon: :raccoon: :raccoon: :raccoon: is on it. :grin:

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I just calculated my cost with 28 cams
It is costing me less than a penny a day per camera.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That is why I am going to be poor, I only have 9 cameras for now so it cost me 3 cents a day. :upside_down_face:

I would guess that he things Ring doesn’t charge a fee.
What did Arnold say? “I’ll be back”.

Ring charges fees. Their cams are HELLA expensive in comparison and their team won’t message you in the comments like I will.

It’s the personal touch.

But seriously, I’d love to keep you. What can I do?

~ Matt Van Swol
Head of Subscription Growth


I could use a new car! Nothing too flashy - With a Wyze dashcam please!!! :rofl:

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The problem with throwing your cameras out, starting over, and paying for new equipment and new subscriptions… you will pay 2.5x the price of what you already just paid for. BTW, the Ring subscription is $100 a year as well to “Activate digital features, including notifications and in-app arming/disarming, for your Ring Alarm system”… so…

You will never pay for anything good in this world without a subscription. You can’t escape it. You name it, you have to subscribe.


Just tried out Blink and Ring systems and ended up sending them back. The lower end cameras feel way cheaper, lack continuous recording, spotlight, etc. I just picked up a few Wyze OGs on sale for $15 each and they are way better than Ring’s equivalently priced cameras (which are more expensive even at regular prices).

And yes Ring’s other cameras are SO expensive. $229 for their equivalent flood cam and a battery cam and that was from Costco!

Plus software wise, Ring has three modes: armed, disarmed, home. There are no rules like Wyze has so you have to do everything you want to do within those three modes. Each camera has to be specifically configured for each mode and you can only enable / disable motion detection. You can’t just disable notifications for example, or anything else.

Sure, they have things I would love Wyze to have, but Wyze is still better imo. I was happy to pay the subscription even when I didn’t really need it because I’d like Wyze to stick around.

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I think I take Rules for granted a little bit. They’re flexible and have been running reliably on my gear going on two years.

Ability to sort (and/or manually reorder) the Rules list is the only thing lacking for my purposes.


Yeah rules are fantastic. I remember when I first discovered them, my head exploded haha. Like “wow” you can do a lot of stuff with this.


Rules are 1000% the reason my house is a smart home… I challenge you to show me how Ring or Nest can automate lights, thermostats, door locks, vacuums, plugs, purifiers, light strips… i.e. I leave my house, motion in a room, open or close a door, and all those things I just mentioned either turn on, turn off, turn down, start vacuuming, lock the door, arm the cameras, in a series of customized steps that I setup.

Nobody else can do that like Wyze. It is the true secret sauce of this company. Everyone I show my house to is amazed.


Very cool, Earl. :slight_smile:

A house that “smart” is a scary thing. Did you ever watch the show Mr. Robot? Remember the “smart” house the hackers took over?

I have a lot of automations and rules and things like that set up in my house but they are all on different ecosystems so that if one gets hacked or goes down, my entire house doesn’t turn into a cave from the Flintstones.

Isn’t Live view free with Wyze?

Either way, Ring also charges a monthly fee to do anything other than live view.

I’m not scared of it because I understand it… technologically.

If a smart home scares you… that smart phone in your hand is a security NIGHTMARE of snake, spiders, and babba-dooks.

I just accept that my life and my anonymity is not my own anymore. We are tracked, measured, listened to, and watched. I don’t mind because me and my life is lame and not worth doing too much. I’m just a commodity to market things to. Not much more.

If I had something to hide… I would Ron Swanson my life in a heartbeat.

Wyze web view is https://my.wyze.com.

Pretty nice portal.