Wyze Doorbell Theft Replacement?

Hi guys, i’m very excited about the wyze doorbell offerring and it’s price point.

Wondering if anyone is worried about theft of the device.
I know Nest and RIng each have their own statement about it and forgot which company, they will replace it for free.

Wondering if anyone hear anything regarding this topic from Wyze.

Their policy reads as follows:


Give me $299, the price of a Nest doorbell, and I’ll replace your WYZE doorbell up to 9 times. :grinning:


I am confusing myself…

When I first read the subject line for this post, I thought… I wish folks would stop asking for free stuff. Why should Wyze be responsible for something that gets stolen from a user’s house? I know other companies offer that, but it was probably something they thought they needed to do to make doorbell cameras sell early on.

But when I read the ‘29 bucks’ reply, my thought was… well if it is only $29 buck, then it wouldn’t cost Wyze very much to offer free replacements.

Maybe I should just go sit in the corner and argue with myself.

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It would cost them $29.99 + shipping.
I suspect it costs WYZE and Ring about the same amount to produce the hardware. Ring get >$200 profit, WYZE does not.


Minimum $99 for a ring doorbell with a $3/mo subscription to get any kind of recording. You can get one replacement if stolen but you need to file and submit the police report to ring. Easy pass for me.

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