Wyze Video Doorbell Pro replacement question

My Wyze Video Doorbell Pro has a sensor problem as the image has a purple tint/hue. Wyze has asked me all the troubleshooting questions and I’ve toggled all the different settings to no avail, so they will ship out a replacement unit in a few days.

I’m just wondering how their replacement process works and if I’ll receive a whole new unit as if purchased retail again or a replacement for the doorbell itself only. Either way is fine but I really don’t want to remove the mounts, so I just want to know in advance if I’m able to only send back the doorbell since that’s what is defective. Even if I have to send back the other new/replacement components, that’s fine, but I want to anticipate this ahead of time. Does anyone have experience with this scenario? Thank you!

I have not gone through this process, but if they asked for a return, then I would send them the same parts as they sent you. Let’s say you get everything but only use the doorbell. Then put the old doorbell in the box with the other parts and return it. :slight_smile:

Other than that, you would need to call them to see if they want those other parts back.