Golf Cart or Electric Scooter

So I love how Wyze keeps surprising us with new and innovative products. I happen to have cameras, locks, doorbells, gun safe, and their newest gaming headset. I happened to do some research and saw all the top golf carts in the market as well as electric scooters, and thought this is something Wyze should jump aboard. For the golf cart, it could be all black with WYZE plastered on the front of the cart. It would be enclosed with an A/C with radio, lift kit, and have all the stuff that wyze offers. 360 cameras and motion detection with alarm, incase someone tries to steal the cart, with golf cart monitoring if in storage on the app. With blacked out windows, this could be a golf cart of the future with led lights underneath etc. Also maybe incorporating a built in gun safe to store all your personal stuff so it can’t be reached if someone was to get into the cart, but the best part is, the cart would lock and no one could take it through the app. 30 mph, lifted, all blacked out, would be something awesome and all at a low cost to compete with other golf carts at around the 1-2000 dollar range.

Now in regards to the scooter. Same features, except just a one or two seater, handle bars, alarm system, lock system, app management, 30 mph, 300 miles, foldable, lightweight, and for a price of around 300 dollars. Hoping to see this innovative technology become a reality and something that can be on site and ready to order. Problem I am seeing in regards to golf carts, is they are old technology, lots of battery maintenance and personally just old and expensive. Let’s get this voted and see what can happen.

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