Possible Idea For Wyze

Since I wasn’t able to find the correct hashtags to use, hopefully the idea gets out there. I was wondering if Wyze happened to have an idea to release an electric golf cart, or to that of a foldable electric scooter? A scooter that would boast 30mph, with a seat, and safety features like a camera included in it for theft and protection 360 and go around 50 miles with a foldable option? Would also like to see anti theft protection, a touch screen, led lamp, all stuff that Wyze uses for security measures, all implemented into a golf cart or electric scooter. think it could really start a good competition if the scooter was priced around $150-200. Just a thought since they just came out with a gaming headset.

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New hardware device suggestions and device new functionality requests are handled by way of the #wishlist.

Click on the bold hashtag: #wishlist and it will take you to the wishlist. Click on How to Use the Wishlist and read the tutorial article.

Search :mag: the wishlist for your idea\request. If you find it, vote for it at the top, like :heart: posts, and add your reply to the bottom. If you don’t find it, create a new topic in the wishlist with the specifics of your idea\request.

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