Wyze Home EV Charger

Wyze Home EV Charger. Like all other Wyze products, Wyze could make a smart home electric vehicle charger. Features to include: charge scheduling, host/guest access, peak/off-peak scheduling, load balancing, smartphone notifications, google/alexa integration, etc.


They should make the Wyze EV first. :wink:

I would like to see the folks in Kirkland throw a little “Wyze Magic” at an EV charger! Something with compatibility with both Tesla and J-1772 connected vehicles, some smart home/phone integration, all at that famous Wyze price/performance ratio we’ve come to know and love. What do you guys thing?


Care to elaborate for productive discussion? There are a lot of drivers of EV’s that have recognized the myriad of benefits they offer. By definition most could be describe as “early adopters”, and considering that Wyze, by a large extent, was created by/for early adopters this product would be a perfect fit for a growing, highly dedicated group of users.

Sure. In my opinion they have enough issues producing/importing and supporting bargain $20 home automation products that take 5 volts. Having them simultaneously responsible for producing reliable power storage capable of propelling humans in cars for hundreds of miles seems like a stretch. Like the space heater concept, it seems like a bad fit and potentially dangerous.

Thanks for elaborating! Keep in mind this thread is just describing a charger, there is no power storage involved. There are already ‘open source’ highly reliable and proven safe designs for EV chargers now, so it is not such a great leap of imagination that Wyze could apply their relevant areas of expertise to such a device as to make it an affordable, professionally manufactured device. This market is here to stay - every major auto manufacturer has announce plans to produce EV’s, with many having announced they are phasing out gas and diesel models entirely in the near future. Perfect time for Wyze to get in, or ahead of, the game.

Electric Vehicles are not a ubiquitous technology right now, but it’s clear that they’re going to disrupt the auto industry. Right now, it’s easier than ever to get a charge wherever you are.

But charging is something that most EV owners do at home, and I feel that Wyze can make this experience even better.

EV chargers are very simple devices, yet they’re so expensive. A regular Level 2 charger can cost around $600, which is a lot for a device that’s so simple on the inside. With Wyze’s expertise in making expensive electronics more affordable while still being high quality, it would be amazing if Wyze could make their own high quality EV charger for a fraction of the cost of a regular one.

Here’s what I’m thinking of:

  1. Smart functionality
    A lot of EV chargers have smart features to help optimize charging, such as charging schedules and optimizing for the charging conditions you’re in. Wyze could definitely add to this space with their growing ecosystem of smart products. It would also be nice to see IoT integration with support for voice assistants and smartphone apps.

  2. Weatherproofing
    While EV chargers are normally put in a garage, a lot of people don’t have a garage, or even a driveway. To accommodate these use cases, it would be a good idea to weatherproof the charger so that it can be used outside.

  3. Compatibility
    The EV market in North America is very fragmented, and although using the Tesla port is out of the question, it would be amazing to see fast charging with industry standard ports like J1772. It would also be nice if it would come with an installation kit for the required parts, like the NEMA 14-50 port and wiring.

  4. Ease of installation
    Doing electricity work is hard, so it would be great for Wyze to use their app to make installation easier.

  5. Affordability
    Most Level 2 EV chargers are upwards of $500, which is super expensive considering that they are basically just very glorified light switches. They’re very simple devices, so it seems that it’s possible for costs to be reduced. I would expect the charger to be somewhere below $250. That would be a very disruptive cost, which would definitely entice people to buy it. Wyze is known for making expensive electronics affordable, so I’m sure they could do that well.

I think that Wyze has the potential to greatly improve this space. Their specialty is smart home products at an affordable price, and if they could apply that mantra to an EV charger, it would truly be gamechanging.

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