Robot Vacuum - Sell Additional Charging Stations

Is it possible to purchase additional robot vacuum charging stations?

Currently not at this time, I am not sure if they plan to do this or not


I dont believe that is in the plan. I believe they are working on multi-floor cleaning to not need moving of the base station if that is the reason you are asking.


That was the reason, thanks.

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That is a great idea. I flagged it to consider for the wishlist! I think multi-floor requires a base on every floor, so selling extra ones would be great! Also, I couldn’t find the adapter they use outright in a search for parts.


Your idea made it to the Wishlist! Vote for it! :slight_smile:


Would you please make the robot vacuum charger available for purchase by itself?
I want to be able to leave chargers on different floors so I can move the vacuum from floor to floor without having to move the charger.


Additional Charging Base for Wyze Robot Vacuum

I would love to be able to purchase additional charging bases for my Wyze Robot Vacuum. In a home with multiple floors to have a dock on each level would be a tremendous time saver.


Search Aliexpress for “Original Charging Dock Charger Base for Xiaomi mijia STYJ02YM/VXVC02-JG robot Vacuum Cleaner Cable Line Power Line power cord”

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I think it would be ideal to be able to purchase the Charging Station for the Robot Vacuum individually. This would help on two functions:

  1. Replace damaged/broken Charging Stations
  2. Allow for ease of use when using the vacuum on multiple floors without having to move the charging station from the (current) floor level.
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This wish appears to have suddenly gone straight from “Probably Not” to “Wishes Granted” as evidenced here:

Thanks Wyze.

(Don’t forget you would need to buy a Charging Station and a Power Adapter separately)


They should be selling the charging station AND the power adapter together not separate.

I like it better that they’re sold separately. It is better for people who are just looking for a replacement. For example, maybe someone’s pet bit and ruined the power cord (happens more often than you think). Now they only have to pay $5 to fix it instead of $25. After all, these are primarily intended as “replacement parts” instead of an accessory.

There really is no downside to the consumer. We can still order both together by selecting them both, but if we were forced to order them together, then people who just need a new cord would be getting screwed with a $25 replacement instead of a $5 replacement. Leaving them separate meets everyone’s needs with more options. More options are always better than more restrictions as a general rule IMO.

Having said that, they should program it to alert the user that the charging station doesn’t include the plug and ask if they are sure they don’t need plug too. That would be the best way to handle it.