Add floor needs the dock? That's nuts

I was excited to see the ADD FLOOR option in the robot vacuum app - our sunroom is a step down from the rest of the house and I haven’t been able to run the WYZE vacuum in that space.

I was surprised and disappointed when I went to map the sun room and it said the vacuum needs to start from the charging station? Is it really an expectation that one would move the dock from floor to floor? That seems like a ridiculous requirement. If I had two floors I’d just want to carry it up stairs and tell it to go. Set it down wherever and it can to a spin-and-scan to find it’s place on the map.

Please remove the dock as a requirement for mapping an additional floor.

Since the whole concept of a robot vacuum is that it runs autonomously, it is reasonable to expect that it will operate without human intervention - in your case, moving it from floor to floor. Therefore, having a charging dock on each floor is reasonable. Just my opinion - and I don’t have one…

Different strokes for different folks.

In our house, fully automated/scheduled operation is not practical. We only run the thing on demand. Before doing so I go through the house and pick up cat toys, move assorted cords out of the way, move a couple of floppy rugs we have that don’t get along well with the vac, put chairs up on tables so those areas won’t be interrupted, etc. Also, our “second floor” is one small room. The added flexibility would be appreciated by me, and I suspect by others.