Can we use multiple docking stations for a single Wyze robot vacuum?

This isn’t a critical issue but I’m just curious…

For someone who has a single wise robot vacuum but wants to use it on two floors, and would rather not keep moving the docking station around, is it possible for them to get a second docking station so that there can be one left in place on each floor, or is the docking station somehow coded such that the robot will only recognize and ‘go home’ to a single one?

I’m not entirely sure, but I believe only one docking station can be used with each vacuum. Also, the docking station isn’t currently sold separately.
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I would like a definitive answer. I have a robot that went an the fritz and therefore have an extra dock on the level I now need to vac with my other vacuum.

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Mostly yes…

The Wyze Vacuum only recognizes one docking station charger on a single floorplan. But it doesn’t identify with a specific charging dock, just the location of the dock.

If you have the firmware that includes the multi-floor mapping, you can use extra charging stations on a second or third floor since those floors are mapped seperately and have the extra charging station logged and located on those maps.

The only way to use two docking stations on a single level is to split the floorplan into two separate maps (essentially two floors) and start the mapping of each area seperately from the two charging stations. But, you will run into some serious issues if you don’t carry the vac to the other area and if you don’t physically block off the two areas . When it tries to start vacuuming “Floorplan 1” from the wrong charging station it will reset the charging station location and map all new territory before ever making it to “floorplan 2”. After your two initial maps are saved, the only way to keep the vac from meandering into the other floorplan is by physically blocking off the connections or creating no-go zones the vac won’t cross.